Junior Woman's Club of Milford

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BOD and Members

2010-20111 Board of Directors

2012-2013 Board


Jerilyn Shannon

Co 1st Vice Presidents - Membership

Brenna Nykaza

Lauren Braccio

2nd Vice President - Ways & Means

Kim Hulme

Cathy Gallbronner

Recording Secretary

Sam Utzler

Corresponding Secretary

Robin Tobin


Jacqui Norris


Rose Rodrigues


New Member Initiations

JWCM Members:

New Member Initiations

JWCM Members:

Ambrosey, Vicky; Anderson, Claudia; Baranowsky, Kelli; Boyle, Lauren; Braccio, Lauren; Carolan, Heather; Distassio, Kelly; Dudding, Stephanie; Edwards, Tracy; Francis, Katy; Gallbronner, Cathy; Gaul, Bernadette; Hufcut, Carmen; Hulme, Kim; Leary, Colleen; Maurer, Kim; Mello, Lisa; Mitchell, Diane; Norris, Jacqueline; Nykaza, Brenna; O’Keefe, Laurie; Pacelli, Darlene; Rodrigues; Rose; Shannon, Jerilyn; Thompson, Amy; Tobin, Robin; Utzler, Sam; Wikstrom, Erica; Zink, Barbara

JWCM Honorary Members:

Baluha, Sara; Barbieri, Nancy; Creedon, Linda; Dunn, Mary; Eason, Renee; Hanahan, Debra; Holt, Patti; Jackson, Tami; Knuth, Diane; Lanese, Jill; McClain, Susan; Shea, Lisa; Shumaker, Joan


New members always needed!  Women of all ages welcome - we can use your talents! 
Help us to make our community
a better place to live! 

Contact Us:
Junior Woman's Club of Milford
P.O. Box 3528, Milford, CT 06460